Bunny vs Monkey Book 2 by Smart

Bunny vs Monkey Book 2 by Smart

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Return to the forest with Bunny, Monkey, and the rest of the crazy crew in Book Two of the series called "graphic novel gold" by SLJ and "milk-snortingly funny" by Shelf Awareness!

Welcome back to the woods! It's a peaceful home, really, but wait . . .


It's Monkey in a hovercraft that fires lasers! And is that a kitten cannon and a Hamster Mobile too?

Join Bunny, Monkey, Skunky, Pig, and all the rest of the lovable and crazy characters from the first book, as science and nature fight again. There's all the same irreverent humor, bold and appealing art, and non-stop action, but this time with robotic worms, Trojan mooses, and lemony doomsday devices, of course.

It's the continuing battle between good and evil . . .

It's . . . Bunny vs. Monkey: Book Two!