I Love It When You Lie by Bird

I Love It When You Lie by Bird

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Each of the Williams sisters has a man they might be better off without, but only one of them might be lucky enough to actually have rid herself of him. Four men: a preacher, a doctor, a professor, and a mayor. It’s like their own little Willow Gap edition of Clue. How charming.


Tara, June, and Clementine Williams are close, so close that the sisters have no qualms when it comes to burying a body together. As they reunite in the Appalachian foothills of north Alabama to pay respects to the beloved grandmother who raised them, each of the women carry their own secrets and a list of grievances against the men in their lives.


Tara feels no guilt about filching money from the church where her husband is the head pastor; June’s intense desire for a child leads her to take drastic measures as she dares her husband to try and stop her; Clementine’s literary professor-turned-boyfriend has been dipping his quill in too much ink and she’s almost fed up.


After their grandmother’s funeral, outsider and sister-in-law Stephanie discovers the three of them standing around a man’s bloodied body in the dead of night. Now she must decide whether to turn them in or join them.


Told through multiple perspectives, I Love It When You Lie asks how far women will go to protect their family secrets.