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Wolves (Mini Encyclopedia)

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With full captions explaining how wolf species hunt and feed, rear their young, and migrate, Wolves is a brilliant examination in outstanding color photographs of these fascinating animals.
Wolves is divided into chapters on the lone wolf, wolves in winter, hunting, the wolf pack, and wolf cubs. You’ll discover how wolves are adapted for hunting and running. They have big lungs and a heart that is twice as big as that of another mammal of similar length and weight. They scare off wolves from another pack by adopting a low, hunched posture with mouth open and teeth arrayed in a snarl. However, when they have a broad, flat head, it indicates they are in a playful mood. Wolves features a wide variety of wolf species from around the world, including the Eurasian Wolf, Timber Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Northwestern Wolf, Yukon Wolf, Ethiopian Wolf, Tibetan Wolf, and many more. It is an introduction to an animal that has fascinated, inspired, and terrified people throughout history.