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A Song for Nolan by Ellenwood

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Get ready to roll with Nolan! Boys' skate! Girls' skate! Leave it to Nolan, who is nonbinary, to bring everyone together to sing, dance, and groove in this celebration of being yourself.

"Chen's thin-lined, saturated artwork is an ideal partner to Ellenwood's characterization in this uplifting tale about making room for oneself-and all." - Publisher's Weekly

"A useful reminder about the importance of inclusion for anyone planning group events." - School Library Journal

When Nolan is invited to a birthday party at the roller rink, they are so excited. They pick out the perfect, sparkling outfit, tie on their snazzy skates, and join their friends for a day of roller skating bliss. But when the DJ calls for a boys skate followed by a girls skate, Nolan feels left out. With courage and a strong sense of self, Nolan bravely requests a song for EVERYONE. This powerful and joyful picture book uplifts and celebrates nonbinary children.

Published in partnership with media advocacy organization GLAAD, this empowering book positively represents LGBTQ families.