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Word Solitaire: The Secret Word'll Be in the Cards by Gordon

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An exciting and fun word game book for anyone who loves solving word puzzles but doesn’t want to be limited to one per day. Looking for a unique puzzle experience?

Check out Word Solitaire , a new word-guessing game that features a spread-out deck of playing cards. Each letter in your guess is represented by a playing card; to check your guess, you quickly scan the row of cards at the bottom of the page. If the card is face-up in the display, the letter is in the word, but in the wrong spot. If the card is face-up and sticking up above the rest of the deck, the letter is in the correct position. If the card is not there at all, the letter is not in the word. If that sounds complicated, it isn’t!

Try one game and you’ll get the hang of it right away. Perfect for anyone tired of the limitations of similar online word games, Word Solitaire will appeal to any puzzle enthusiast looking for an analog version of their favorite daily pastime. Those looking for game books for adults that help develop memory skills and mental agility will find exactly that as they guess a new five-letter word in each of the 155 puzzles in this book.