Where's Mr. Gresham Scavenger Hunt 2022

Where’s Mr. Gresham?"
Scavenger Hunt
July 1st-31st 2022
A month long city wide scavenger hunt to find Mr. Gresham and the elusive Waldo. Thank you to all the small businesses that participated this year!!

Where’s Mr. Gresham 2022 Prize Winners

Please pick up your prizes by Thursday, August 18th! We will be open 11am-7pm for Third Thursday!
  1. ISAIAH CURRIER: Moss Works Gift Card
  2. HANNAH CURRIER: Light-Up Rock & Gem Collection
  3. ADELYN TRUMBULL: Where’s Waldo? The Incredible Paper Chase
  4. KAELEE TRUMBULL: Mediterranean Escape Moroccan Hair Oil Bundle & Highlights Jumbo Book of Sticker Puzzles
  5. CONNOR KIELBASA: Pokemon Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook
  6. ALIA KIELBASA: Sugar Cubed Gift Card 
  7. SIENNA LINDALA: Dino Plush & Dreadful Stitch Gift Card 
  8. MOLLY HERBST: Where’s Waldo? The Spectacular Spotlight Search
  9. SAWYER ATKING: The Ultimate Waldo Watcher Collection
  10. ELLIS EMERY: Where’s Waldo? Coloring Collection
  11. ANDNU EMERY: Gresham Bicycle Gift Card 
  12. EVANGELINE ORTEGA: Paint By Sticker Activity Book 
  13. OLIVER ORTEGA: Gresham Bicycle Gift Card
  14. ADDIE KILLAM: Gresham Burrito Gift Card 
  15. ZOEY KILLAM: Cafe Delirium Gift Card 
  16. AIDEN LACOUNT: One Private Ninja Training Session at World Class Taekwondo
  17. AUSTIN LACOUNT: How To Draw Pokemon & Smile Graphic Novel
  18. COOPER BATSCH:  Pokemon Handbook To the Galar Region
  19. ADDISON BATSCH: Where’s Waldo? Paper Pandamonium & Paw Patrol Coloring Book
  20. JENNY FUNRUE: The Ultimate Waldo Watcher Collection
  21. LINCOLN EDINGER: Buzz Lightyear LEGO Set
  22. ALORA EDINGER: Dreadful Stitch Giftcard & Flair & Waldo Watcher Book
  23. CELESTE RHODES: Triple 8 Protective Pack (Wrist Guards, Elbow & Knee pads) 
  24. OLIVER RHODES: Batman LEGO & LEGO City Books
  25. BEN COULSON: Sticker, Candle & Batman LEGO Book
  26. TINA HARRIS: Soccer ball autographed by Olympic athlete Ryan Crouser & Jelly Sticker activity kit
  27. ALIZA JOHNSON-Hair Product Bundle & 10 Minutes Science Experiments Book
  28. AMELIA ZARGANES: Whimsy Burrow Gift Card
  29. NAOMI JOHNSON: Puzzlika Magnetic Puzzle 
Get hints, tips and tricks and sneak peeks of prizes at the Where's Mr. Gresham Facebook Page
Print out your passport at home or come by the shop to get one from us and get started!