2021 Book of World Records

2021 Book of World Records

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This all-encompassing bestselling annual covers everything you need to know from science, tech, sports, music, movies, animals, and more. Read all about the amazing world records, trending topics, jaw-dropping facts, and box office hits from the past year!

The world's best awe-inspiring records are packed in this updated 2021 edition!

Discover amazing facts like:

- Which movie left others in the dust at the box office?
- What kind of puppy do most people have in their homes: a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd?
- How many records did popstar Ariana Grande smash this year?

This incredible updated edition of the Book of World Records comes complete with new entries in science, tech, pop culture, sports, nature, and more. This is the sixth edition of our world records annual. It also includes "Trending" sections for each category, covering all the new cool social media facts, incredible stats, and facts you need to know from 2021. It's been a great year!