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Banjo Teddy Bear

Banjo Teddy Bear

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Banjo the Small Small Fuzzy Brown Teddy Bear by Douglas

Who wants to have some fun? Banjo the Small Fuzzy Brown Teddy Bear by Douglas, that's who! How about you? You like fun don't you? Of course you do! That's why you need this little brown teddy bear in your life. Banjo brings the fun and excitement to any situation and is super cute. Cuddly too. You like to cuddle right? Thought so, you look like a cuddler. Do you know who else looks like a cuddler? You guessed it, Banjo the Small Fuzzy Brown Teddy Bear! It's like you were meant to be together. You and Banjo have a bright future together. Your days will be full of high jinks and shenanigans like the world has never seen. Unless, of course, you are considering Banjo as a gift for someone else. You look like the generous type. Gifting this small fuzzy teddy bear to a friend or loved one is a fantastic idea. You could even add a personalized bandana to make an extra special gift. This small brown teddy bear is about seven inches tall in a sitting position, ten inches head to toe. That is the perfect amount of fuzzy teddy bear for constant companionship. Banjo can go everywhere! Recommended for ages two and up, Banjo the Small Fuzzy Brown Teddy Bear is surface washable.

Douglas is a family owned business that has been making heirloom quality stuffed animals and plush toys since 1956. As with all of Douglas' superb stuffed animals, only the finest materials and craftsmanship are used in the construction of this small brown teddy bear. The entire line of stuffed animals by Douglas, including Banjo the Small Fuzzy Brown Teddy Bear, is made with all new, child safe materials, is rigorously tested for quality assurance, and meets or exceeds both the U.S. Government and the voluntary Toy Safety Standards. When you buy a Douglas Cuddle Toy, you can trust that you are buying a first rate stuffed animal.