Basher Games: Chess by Jackson

Basher Games: Chess by Jackson

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Chess as you’ve never seen it before—Basher brings one of the world’s most popular games to life in his unique, memorable way!

What takes 2 people, 32 pieces, and 64 squares? It’s chess, mate! How’s that for an opening gambit? This game of strategy has been around for thousands of years and it gives your brain a real workout. But you don’t have to be a brainiac to have fun playing chess, as Basher brings you his unique guide to the game that has experienced a huge surge in popularity in the last two years. Game on!

First, get the basics with clear explanations of the pieces and how they move. Then move on to read about rules, strategy, and famous games. You can also meet the world's chess greats, from the youngest-ever grand master, Abhimanyu Mishra, to current stars Magnus Carlsen and Judit Polgar.

Introduction: Sissa, the mythical inventor of chess

Ch 1. Piece Patrol
• The Board
• Pawn
• Bishop
• Knight
• Rook
• Queen
• King

Ch 2. Team Tactical
• Opening
• Castling
• Gambit
• Middlegame
• Check!
• Sacrifice
• Fork
• Pin
• Zugzwang
• Pawn Promotion
• Chess clocks
• Endgame
• Checkmate
• Stalemate
• Speed Chess

Ch 3. Game Masters
• Grandmasters
• World Chess Championship
• Magnus Carlsen
• Garry Kasparov
• Abhimanyu Mishra
• Judit Polgar
• Deep Blue