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Bravo, Avocado by Stiefel

Bravo, Avocado by Stiefel

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Avocado longs to be Today’s Special in this vibrant, pun-filled picture book by Chana Stiefel and Anna Süßbauer about self-discovery and the value of uplifting your friends. 

It’s a delightful day at the farmer’s market. Zesty lemons Juicy peaches! Sweet corn! But Avocado has a pit in her stomach. She longs to be Today’s Special.

Strolling through the aisles, Avocado asks her farm-fresh friends to help her discover what makes her stand out. Tomato offers to teach her salsa. Pumpkin proposes funny faces. Garlic suggests she add some zing! Nothing seems to work until—Ding ding!—the bright and shiny Toaster inspires Avocado to reflect more deeply.