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Tarot Talk: Tarot Layouts

Tarot Talk: Tarot Layouts

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Tarot Talk:Tarot Layouts 

June 8, 15 ,22, 29

90 min. sessions starting at 6p.m.

This event is for 18+ 

 Bring a tarot deck, a notebook, and pen! 

About the Series:

Each class we’ll focus on learning a new layout for reading tarot, and then spend time practicing with mock readings, as well as reading for one another.  You’ll receive plenty of one on  one instruction and guidance, and opportunities to interpret different combinations of cards.  The best way to learn to read tarot fluidly and fluently is through practice, and this workshop is exactly for that. Learn how to connect the meanings of individual cards and string them together into engaging storylines, geared toward answering both pointed questions and generalizations, alike.  We’ll be covering everything from basic “yes/no” questions, to the more famous and complex Celtic Cross.  This class is great for beginner readers and intermediate Tarophiles looking to hone their skills.  

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