DK Pocket Genius Ancient Egypt

DK Pocket Genius Ancient Egypt

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Unravel the mysteries behind one of the most powerful and influential civilizations in history with this handy guide to ancient Egypt.

Set off on a historical adventure and view the pyramids of Giza up close, take a walk along the river Nile, decode tricky hieroglyphs, discover the resting place of Tutankhamun, admire ancient wooden dolls enshrined in tombs, and pay respect to the pharaohs.Ā 

Tracing major developments between 2700 and 30 BCE,Ā Pocket Genius: Ancient EgyptĀ gives you a glimpse inside the gigantic temples of ancient Egypt, of the regalia of the royalty, of the citizensā€™ remarkable daily life, and much more. Packed with maps, rich illustrations, and stunning photographs, this children's book chronicles everything from medicines and toys to the houses of ancient Egypt.Ā 

Pocket Genius: Ancient EgyptĀ comes with bite-sized chunks of text and stunning images that will encourage and inform even the most reluctant readers.