Edge of Extinction: Ark Plan by Martin

Edge of Extinction: Ark Plan by Martin

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Jurassic World meets Dawn of the Planet of the Apes in this epic new middle-grade series, which School Library Journal praised by saying, “Nonstop action, marauding dinosaurs, and kids on the run: What’s not to like?”

One hundred and fifty years ago: The first dinosaurs were cloned. Soon after, they replaced humans at the top of the food chain. The only way to survive was to move into underground compounds.

Five years ago: Sky Mundy’s father disappeared without a trace.

Today: Sky has just stumbled upon a clue that points to the surface. To find her father—and possibly even save the world—Sky and her best friend, Shawn, are venturing topside to a land reclaimed by nature and ruled by dinosaurs.

In this exhilarating debut novel full of heart-pounding action and breathtaking chills, two courageous friends must survive in a lost world that’s as dangerous as they’ve always feared but also unlike anything they could ever have imagined. This book has the perfect prehistoric package with an attention-grabbing cover, three lavishly illustrated maps, and chapter opener spot art.