Good Dogs (#2) with Bad Haircuts by Wenitsky

Good Dogs (#2) with Bad Haircuts by Wenitsky

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Planning a wedding quickly goes awry when the Good Dogs try to help in Book 2 of this hilarious illustrated middle-grade series—now in paperback!

When King’s owner and Good Dogs day care leader, Erin, gets engaged, all the dogs and their humans couldn’t be more thrilled! But in order to make sure Erin can attend a special dog-training session and make the wedding, her fiance, Jin, promises to take care of the day care business while she’s gone.

Can’t be too hard, right? Wrong! When newest Good Dog and resident troublemaker, Napoleon, is up to his old tricks again, Lulu ends up with a terrible haircut and King somehow goes missing, the dogs will have to put their tails together in order to make sure the wedding isn’t ruined and their humans stay happy.

This second installment in the Good Dogs series, simultaneously publishing with Book 1, highlights the importance of learning from the past, while still having a lot of fun.