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Harboring Hope by Hood

Harboring Hope by Hood

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It wouldn’t be easy

but they had to try.

It was their only chance to survive.

In 1943, years after the Nazi occupation of Denmark, word spread of the Gestapo’s insidious plan to round up the Jewish population and deport them to concentration camps. Angry at this attack on their friends and fellow Danes, Henny Sinding, only twenty-two years old, and the crew of Gerda lll, a lighthouse supply boat, risked everything to smuggle their Jewish compatriots across the Øresund strait to safety in Sweden. In Henny’s words, “It was the right thing to do so we did it. Simple as that.” But what happened when their operation’s cover was blown and it was Henny’s turn to escape?

Told in verse by award-winning author Susan Hood (Alias Anna and Lifeboat 12), this is the moving true story of how Henny and her fellow resistance fighters helped defend democracy and the Danish Jewish community during Germany’s occupation of Denmark in World War ll.

Includes extensive back matter with primary sources, additional information, further reading, and photographs.