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Hope Dancing: Finding Purpose and a Place to serve Among the Maya by Dinkel

Hope Dancing: Finding Purpose and a Place to serve Among the Maya by Dinkel

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The astounding true story of a young woman's courage and persistence despite threats, extortion and her own kidnapping, to save lives during Guatemala's brutal civil war and postwar, to establish a thriving help organization fueling the rural Maya's struggle for self-reliance.

If you've ever despaired at the state of the world or doubted the power we each have to profoundly change lives for the better, you must read the story of how Leslie Baer Dinkel and a handful of like-minded friends changed the course of tens of thousands of lives in Guatemala.

Still reeling from the untimely death of a beloved mentor, Dinkel, 33, immersed herself in service to the homeless-many of whom spoke Spanish-and ended up in Guatemala to improve her modest Spanish skills. Landing in a war zone, she visited a refugee village and the horror she encountered upended her life. She promised impoverished villagers she would return with help, and over the next decade, delivered more than $3 million in emergency medical aid. With the generous help of a remarkable group of volunteers she assembled, Dinkel established a thriving help project offering life-saving health services, educational scholarships and more to those barely surviving in one of Guatemala's worst poverty belts.

This intimate memoir recalls with wit and whimsy encounters with extraordinary people who guided her, including Mother Teresa, and the curious coincidences that led her to Guatemala. From identifying her first recruits to the extortion, perilous kidnappings, and other misadventures, you will become a participant in the daunting challenge of saving lives during a brutal civil war and forging hope in its aftermath. Hope Dancing: Finding purpose and a place to serve among the Maya offers tremendous insight into poverty, prejudice, the nature of self-determination, and especially, the transformational power of full-hearted giving. 100% of author proceeds are designated to charity. Each book purchased provides medicine to improve the lives of ten children.