If My Parents Are Divorced by Geisler

If My Parents Are Divorced by Geisler

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What happens when parents separate?

The idea of parents taking a break from or ending their relationship is scary and sad for children of all ages. The subject arises when Marie tells her kindergarten class that her neighbor's parents are going to separate. It's not an easy topic to discuss, and some kids around the table don't like to talk about what's happening, but Marie and her friends soon learn that they're not alone in their feelings or experiences and realize that they can share their fears and worries with their friends.

If My Parents Are Divorced shows how different families can deal with a separation and which insecurities may arise in the minds of children. The author gently conveys how important each child's feelings are and illustrates ways that the the child may feel better as time passes. This book is the ideal starting point for talking to preschoolers and grade schoolers about separations, divorce, and break-ups. It is designed to help children with their emotional development and to help process and understand their parents' decisions.

In If My Parents Are Divorced, award-winning author and illustrator Dagmar Geisler draws attention to this sensitive subject and provides advice for not only the children who are experiencing their parents' divorces, but also those who are witnessing their friends in these situations and want to provide listening ears and support.