It's All About Dangerous Dinosaurs

It's All About Dangerous Dinosaurs

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A book of exciting pictures and up-to-date facts and stats on the world’s most deadly dinosaurs!

Roar and roam as you join ferocious prehistoric monsters in It’s all about… Dangerous Dinosaurs! Find out about everything from gentle giants such as Diplodocus to deadly killing machines such as Allosaurus and the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex. Packed with detailed photography, the latest bite-size facts, and a free audio download, this book has everything a dinosaur mad kid could need.

It’s all about… is a collectable series filled with up-to-date stats and facts about a wide range of hot topics, including animals, history, technology and vehicles. Each book comes with a free audio download so children can take their book wherever they go, as well as glossary that’s perfect for teaching and learning.

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