Journey Beyond the Burrow by Heisel

Journey Beyond the Burrow by Heisel

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With the adventure of Avi’s Poppy series and the heart of A Wolf Called Wander, this middle grade debut follows one mouse’s journey to save his baby brother from a sinister evil.

There are rules every mouse must follow if they’re to survive in the forest.

Tobin knows these guidelines by heart. After all, with one younger sibling, another on the way, and a best friend with a penchant for troublemaking, he needs to be prepared for anything.

But when two monstrous arachnids break into his burrow and steal his baby brother away, Tobin will do anything to save him—even if it means breaking a few rules. 

Perfect for fans of Henry Cole and Sara Pennypacker, Tobin’s unforgettable journey to save his brother, which Kirkus Reviews called “a delightful, detailed adventure in which a trio of mice become heroes,” will leap off the page and into readers’ hearts.