Learn To Letter With Luna The Llama

Learn To Letter With Luna The Llama

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Follow along as Luna the Llama (and all of her friends) teach children ages 8-12 the basics of lettering and calligraphy using traceable worksheets and repetition.

With nine fun projects, Learn to Letter with Luna the Llama pairs lettering exercises with clever humor, teaching crafty kids how to improve their handwriting skills and creatively express themselves on homemade crafts, cards, school notebooks, and more!

With this hand-lettering book just for kids, your child can:
 Learn to letter the lower and uppercase alphabets using six different styles
 Master techniques to connect letters and mix and match styles
 Add flourishes or doodles to make your letters look even more fun

Created by author Chalkfulloflove—whose Hand Lettering 101 has sold over 200,000 copies to teach hand lettering to adults—this book adapts her trademark techniques for your little letterers! After all, why should grown ups have all the fun?