Main Character Energy by Varon

Main Character Energy by Varon

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For fans of PEOPLE WE MEET ON VACATION and ONE TO WATCH, MAIN CHARACTER ENERGY follows a plus-sized woman resigned to settle in life who finds herself on a whirlwind adventure traveling to the French Riviera to chase a mysterious inheritance and reclaiming her role as the main character in her own life.


This is your story — are you the main character?


Poppy Banks would rather be writing mysteries than writing listicles for her dead-end job at Thought Buzz. But after a series of rejections, she’s ready to accept life on the sidelines as a plus-size woman. Her aunt Margot is the one person unwilling to give up on her niece’s dreams and tells her so at their secret yearly lunches.


But all of Poppy’s beliefs about herself are challenged when her beloved aunt dies and leaves her niece a grand surprise—a trip to her villa in the French Riviera. There, she learns her aunt intends to leave her stunning villa and secretive writer's residency to Poppy—if she can finish her novel in six months.


When the writing countdown begins, Poppy realizes she has more to confront than her writer’s block. Family drama, complicated romances and self-doubt all threaten to throw her off course. In this fun and heartwarming debut, Poppy must decide if she can live up to her aunt’s—and her own—desire to be the main character in her own life.