Mindful Games for Kids by Sargent

Mindful Games for Kids by Sargent

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This book provides kids ages 4-8 with 50 fun and engaging mindful games for staying present, improving concentration, managing difficult behavior, and building a lasting mindfulness practice, alone or with others.

Calm feelings, peaceful thoughts―mindful games for kids ages 4 to 8 to play

Dealing with big feelings can be hard, but it’s easier when you practice listening to your body and staying in the present moment. With Mindful Games for Kids, children ages 4-8 can start learning those skills and feeling more in control. Engaging activities help teach kids to calm themselves, focus more easily, and even be kinder to others―all using the principles of mindfulness.

50 colorfully illustrated, imaginative exercises keep the fun coming while showing kids helpful techniques like deep breathing, visualization, meditation, and more. Many of these off-the-page games take 10 minutes or less, making it easy to practice the magic of mindfulness anytime, anywhere.

Inside Mindful Games for Kids, you’ll find:

  • 50 fantastic games―Discover mindful games like My Big Bat Ears, Hearing My Breath, As Cool as a Snowflake, and Sing My Emotions―all created just for kids ages 4-8.
  • Imagination invitation―Explore activities themed around breath, senses, thoughts, emotions, and the body―most don’t require supplies, just an imagination!
  • Mindful together―Kids can play these mindful games alone or with other people (grown-ups are invited too!)―the supportive guidelines include ways for anyone to win.

Kids can find a peaceful mind through fun and games―with Mindful Games for Kids!