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Nancy Clancy (#3) Sees the Future by O'Connor

Nancy Clancy (#3) Sees the Future by O'Connor

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Nancy Clancy thinks she may be able to read the future...and all signs point to her being a true clairvoyant (that’s fancy for a fortune-teller)! But what if it’s just a coincidence?

In the third book in the bestselling Nancy Clancy chapter book series, Nancy Clancy is astonished when her predictions seem to all be coming true. Nancy starts believing that she really can read the future! With some help from Lionel, Nancy tries her hand in the fortune-telling business at recess, but soon learns it’s a bit more complicated than she thought. When one of her predictions turns out to have negative consequences, Nancy starts to rethink her special powers. Maybe it’s all just a coincidence? Whether or not Nancy truly has a sixth sense, she learns that anything is possible with a positive attitude!

The Nancy Clancy chapter book series is perfect for young readers who have graduated from I Can Reads. Just like Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth and Nancy Clancy, Secret Admirer, Nancy Clancy Sees the Future features an older, more sophisticated Nancy who still has her usual dramatic flair. Fans of Fancy Nancy will enjoy Jane’s humorous, spot-on writing and Robin’s black-and-white illustrations.