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Need Your Number by Goodwin

Need Your Number by Goodwin

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Fiona Campbell, a recent college graduate, who is starting a social media intern position with her brother's college hockey team. Fresh from a toxic relationship, will she ditch her anti-athlete dating plan in favor of the hot, grumpy player who seems to only be nice to her?



Zane Miller, college hockey player, working towards his dream of playing pro hockey in Tampa. He falls for his best friend's sister, but will she ditch her anti-athlete dating plan for him? Can he break through her walls and win her heart?



After a road trip and being stuck in the same hotel room with one bed, sparks are flying between them. But after her ex, she has a no-athlete dating policy.


Soon Fiona's ex is playing Zane's team. The ex comments about her not even wearing her own brother's jersey cause she knows his number is all she should wear.


Zane bangs on the boards and asks her to put on his jersey. As he slams the ex against the boards, he nods up to her and says "I gotta say my number looks real good on her don't you think?"




Will this be enough to set their sparks aflame? Read Need Your Number to find out.