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Owl Pineapple Macaroon Plush

Owl Pineapple Macaroon Plush

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Whooo has large, expressive eyes and is delectably sweet? It must be our whimsical Owl Pineapple Macaroon stuffed animal! This playful plush hybrid features a wide-eyed Owl’s face peering out from the familiar shape of a sunny yellow pineapple. Her form is accented with soft, feathery wings, a small pair of feet, and a green sprig atop her head. A quilted pattern adds to the squishy, softness of the velvet-textured micro fiber materials. Silky internal fill makes this little Owlet fun to squeeze, while her quirky appearance will add brightness to any room. Place this lively Owl Pineapple Macaroon amidst the less fantastical objects in your kitchen’s fruit bowl and watch the smiles abound!

Additional information

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in

24 Months & Up


7" Tall


(18 cm)