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Remind Me by Shute

Remind Me by Shute

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This poignant story about a young elephant and his grandma is an eloquent account of the all too familiar tragedy of memory loss, and the love of family that never leaves.

Eldon the elephant's beloved Big Ella has always had a knack for memory, so when she starts to forget little things, Eldon happily returns the favor. But when she starts to forget where she lives, Eldon's name, and even her own name, he starts to worry. Yet Eldon always remembers the love he shares with Big Ella, and he makes sure to remind her whenever she needs him to.

It can be especially hard for children to process the grief of watching their grandparents forget themselves when suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia. Linda Shute’s Remind Me approaches the issue with humanity and compassion, celebrating the lasting love that brings families together. Her art has a soft, gentle tone and depicts an idyllic jungle setting inhabited by a charming elephant duo.