Secret of the Ninja by Leibold
Secret of the Ninja by Leibold

Secret of the Ninja by Leibold

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CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE-the 4th-bestselling series for children ever published!

The sixteenth title in the middle grade Choose Your Own Adventure series for readers ages 9-12.

Secret of the Ninja by Jay Leibold takes YOU on a high-stakes ninja adventure.

Written from the second-person point of view, the reader is a skilled ninja visiting Japan, and must choose what happens next in the story:
If you go for the sword, turn to page 22.
If you go for the ninja, turn to page 117.

You are a skilled ninja visiting your friend Nada's dojo in Japan when a mysterious sword arrives and a number of strange happenings start to occur. The sansei believes that you might be able to uncover the secrets behind the sword if you travel back in time to learn its origins. If you time travel back to feudal Japan to learn more about the sword's origins, what will you uncover? Has your ninja training prepared you for the journey? Will you ever make it back to present day?

Middle grade readers will journey back in time on the ultimate ninja adventure, learn about Japan and the ways of the ninja, all while having fun reading and choosing.