Seekers: Toklo's Story by Hunter

Seekers: Toklo's Story by Hunter

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The nationally bestselling Seekers series comes to life in black-and-white manga!

Toklo, the grizzly bear cub from the bestselling Seekers series, takes center stage in this first book in our new Seekers manga trilogy!

This new story is set before Seekers: The Quest Begins takes place, and fans will get to see what Toklo was like as a young cub. Curious, spirited, and filled with love for his brother, Toklo dreams of ruling the forest. This unique look at Toklo’s past will give readers valuable information about his roots and show how Toklo got to be the fiercely independent cub he is today.

Perfect for Erin Hunter fans as well as readers just meeting this cub for the first time, Seekers shines in this dynamic new format, copublished with TokyoPop.