Silver Batal (#1) and the Water Dragon Races by Halbrook

Silver Batal (#1) and the Water Dragon Races by Halbrook

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A young desert-dweller's dream of becoming a water dragon racer comes true when she befriends a rare dragon that can swim and fly, in this Middle Eastern–inspired middle-grade fantasy adventure.

Silver Batal is expected to follow in her jeweler father's footsteps, but she longs to race water dragons. When she encounters and befriends Hiyyan, a rare baby dragon that can swim and fly, she knows destiny is calling.

Leaving everything behind, Silver and Hiyyan set off to join the legendary races in the royal city. But the road to Calidia is filled with danger. The pair must band together to overcome ferocious cave beasts, clever desert foxes, and cutthroat competition for their shot at glory.

Set in a lush, Middle Eastern–inspired world filled with fearsome and beautiful water dragons, this middle-grade fantasy blends classic themes with a fresh premise and an unforgettable hero.