Sugar, Spice, and Can’t Play Nice by Sharma

Sugar, Spice, and Can’t Play Nice by Sharma

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This arranged marriage is an accident waiting to happen...or maybe the recipe for a perfect love story.

When Payal Mehra's detached parents insist she marry fellow Londoner and serial dater Ayaan Malhotra in order to save their own company, she has a choice: get disowned from the luxurious life they've funded and put her dreams on hold while she works a soul-sucking day job...or get engaged to save her family’s fortune and maybe rescue her own vision of a dream come true.

Ayaan Malhotra has always been the spare to his brother, the golden child heir to his parent’s company. A little wild, a little broken, and desperate to prove himself, he agrees to get engaged to Payal—on the condition that he gets 50 percent of his parents' company. He has no interest in Payal, but would give anything for his parents' respect.

As the two race toward an impending engagement ceremony date and actually start to "play nice" as a couple, they realize that maybe they aren’t just in this for business…and love might be in their future after all.