Tag You're Dead by Foxfield

Tag You're Dead by Foxfield

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Money, revenge, obsession, and fame. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to win in this tense thriller where only one will emerge victorious...and alive

When teen reality star Anton Frazer unveils his latest stunt–a live-streamed, citywide game of Tag in which the prize is to be one of his personal assistants—his fans go wild. The whole world is watching.

The contestants are outfitted with body cams, GPS trackers and pressure sensors that, if activated by a competitor, will send them out of the running. They venture into night-time urban jungle to hunt each other down.

Four contestants in particular have alternative motives for being there, secret reasons to want to win despite the risk: money, revenge, obsession, and fame. And one of them will stop at nothing to be the victor at the end of this adrenaline-and-fear fueled night...