The Chronicles of Crestomanci vol #2 by Jones

The Chronicles of Crestomanci vol #2 by Jones

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A timeless classic, repackaged with brand-new cover art! Diana Wynne Jones’s bestselling, magical, and funny Chrestomanci novels will enchant fans of Soman Chainani, Rick Riordan, and Chris Colfer. “Mad about Harry? Try Diana,” said U. S. News & World Report, and Neil Gaiman called Diana Wynne Jones’s work “Always perfectly magical."

Volume II contains The Magicians of Caprona and Witch Week.

In the Magicians of Caprona, the two warring families of Caprona, the Montanas and the Petrocchis, must join forces to keep the White Devil from invading their city. Even Chrestomanci becomes involved when two of the youngest family members, Tonino Montana and Angelica Petrocchi, go missing. Their unusual magical powers will be key to stopping the White Devil.

Witch Week takes place in a world where witches are burned at the stake, so when a note reading “Someone in this class is a witch” appears in Class 6B, it’s no laughing matter. Only Chrestomanci can sort out the mess that the students of 6B get themselves into.