The Land of Roar by McLachlan

The Land of Roar by McLachlan

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Now in paperback, this enchanting, action-packed duology opener about twins who must rescue their grandfather from an imaginary world is perfect for readers who’ve always wanted to explore Narnia or Neverland.

Everyone remembers their secret imaginary world…but what if you discovered that yours was real?

When Arthur and Rose were little, they were the heroes of Roar, a magical world they invented where the wildest creations of their imaginations roamed. Now that the twins are eleven, they couldn’t be more different, and Roar has become a distant memory. But it hasn’t forgotten them.

When their grandfather is spirited away into Roar by the villain who still haunts their nightmares, Arthur and Rose must put their differences aside and go back to the world they’d almost left behind. And when they get there, they discover that Grandad isn’t the only one who needs their help.