The Magic of the Unicorn by Goodman
The Magic of the Unicorn by Goodman

The Magic of the Unicorn by Goodman

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CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE-the 4th-bestselling series for children ever published!

NEW "From the Lost Archives" in the middle grade Choose Your Own Adventure series for readers ages 9-12.

The Magic of the Unicorn by Deborah Lerme Goodman takes YOU on a magical unicorn adventure to save your village.

Written from the second-person point of view, the reader is on a magical journey to find a unicorn's horn in hopes of purifying the village's tainted water, and must choose what happens next in the story:
If you decide to search for a unicorn in the forest, turn to page 13.
If you climb in the cart headed for Arras, turn to page 14.

You are a brave, quick-thinking kid searching for a magical unicorn's horn to save your small village. It is the summer of 1507 and Flanders is exceptionally dry. The drought is worst in your small village, and it seems like the end is near. A magical unicorn's horn seems to be your only hope! You set off with a magical talisman to solve the town riddle and bring water back to the region. Will your magical net catch a unicorn or a dragon? Can the sorceress help? Or will she cause even more trouble?

Middle grade readers will explore fabled lands, weave magical tapestries, encounter scary warlocks, beautiful unicorns, and beautiful Duchesses, all while having fun reading and choosing.

YOU choose what happens next!