The Menagerie by Sutherland

The Menagerie by Sutherland

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A top secret magical menagerie has just misplaced six of its highly-guarded inhabitants.... The Menagerie left School Library Journal raving that "Readers who enjoy books like Brandon Mull's Fablehaven will soak up the intermixing of mythological information and mystery."


 MISSING: Six griffin cubs from the Menagerie in Xanadu, Wyoming
• Method of escape is unclear
• Zoe Kahn claims to have locked the gate to the griffin cage
• If the Society for the Protection of SuperNatural Animals learns of the situation, the Xanadu branch will be shut down
• For the safety of all creatures, it is ESSENTIAL that no griffins are discovered by non-Menagerie personnel

Logan Wilde is in for the shock of a lifetime when he comes home from school and finds a griffin cub hiding under his bed. The cub leads him straight to his classmate Zoe Kahn, who tells him that she and her family are the guardians of a top secret menagerie filled with unicorns, dragons, and more. And even though it breaks every rule in the book, Zoe agrees to let Logan help track down the missing griffins. But with each cub they find, the real mystery remains: Who let the griffins out of their cage? And why?

The Menagerie is the first in a charming middle-grade trilogy that combines the magic of Fablehaven with the semi-realistic setting of The Spiderwick Chronicles. With its page-turning mystery, pitch-perfect tween humor, and an animal hook worthy of Carl Hiaasen, The Menagerie is sure to delight—and the lingering mysteries will leave readers anxious for more.