The Mystery Of The Golden Feather by Strickland

The Mystery Of The Golden Feather by Strickland

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An enchanting story that takes children on a mindful journey by encouraging them to listen out for birdsong

One boy’s mindful journey allows him to discover the wonder of birds and their songs.

When Felix finds a feather on his doorstep, he is eager to uncover what bird it belongs to. But the answer comes to him in a way he least expected it to: by simply taking a moment to pause, and listen to the music of the birds around him.

Little ones are invited to join Felix as he stops to appreciate the present moment, and the wonderful natural sounds it has to offer. This breathtaking celebration of birdsong captures the calm and clarity we can find when we clear our heads to be more mindful. Thoughtful, lyrical words sit alongside beautiful illustrations to make this a simply captivating read. At the end of the book, Felix guides young readers through some easy mindfulness techniques that children can absorb and practice in their everyday lives. 

Whether you are looking to find a quiet moment, or for a way to remind little ones to pause and take in their surroundings, The Mystery of the Golden Feather is a book to treasure forever.