The Thrifty Guide To The American Revolution by Stokes

The Thrifty Guide To The American Revolution by Stokes

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The kid-friendly series that makes history approachable, engaging, and funny! From the publishing house that brought you the Who Was? books.

The Thrifty Guide to the American Revolution: A Handbook for Time Travelers is a snappy, informative travel guide that comes in the package with your time machine purchase in the year 2163. It contains information vital to the sensible time traveler:

Where can I find a decent hotel room in colonial New England? Are credit cards accepted?

How can I join the Boston Tea Party without winding up in a British prison?

What do I do if I’m being shot at by a cannon?

Designed as a parody of Fodor’s guides, complete with humorous maps, reviews of places to stay and top attractions (don’t miss Paul Revere’s midnight ride!), and tips on whom to have lunch with (Alexander Hamilton, naturally). If you had a time travel machine and could take a vacation anywhere in history, this is the only guidebook you would need.