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Where Should We Camp Next? National Parks by Puglisi

Where Should We Camp Next? National Parks by Puglisi

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The perennial camping question: where should we camp next? National parks edition!

With America’s national parks seeing rejuvenated interest from campers, whether it’s in tents, RVs, cabins, or yurts, one question continues to float around camping communities more than any other: “Where should I camp next?”

Camping and RV experts Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi are here with the answers. Where Should We Camp Next?: National Parks offers an expert but accessible guide to the best campgrounds and outdoor accommodations in and around over one hundred national parks, lakeshores, monuments, and more. The Puglisis will help you understand the different types of camping accommodations, find hidden gems across the country, and plan your family's next bucket list trip. It’s time to make some memories in America's breathtaking national parks system!