The Cinnamon Bun Book Store by Gilmore (Releases 9/3/24)

The Cinnamon Bun Book Store by Gilmore (Releases 9/3/24)

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Releases 9/3/24

From the author of the international bestseller and viral TikTok phenomenon, The Pumpkin Spice Cafe, comes a brand-new spicy romance set in Dream Harbor!

Working at Dream Harbor’s bookstore, Hazel Kelly spends her time surrounded by books, but with her thirtieth birthday drawing near, she worries she has no exciting stories of her own. What she needs is an adventure.

Noah’s life on the other hand seems to just be one big adventure. With his boat and tattoos, the man lives and breathes excitement.

When clues start turning up between the pages of the books in her store, Noah offers to help Hazel decode them. And who better to help than the most adventurous person she’s ever met.

As the treasure hunt leads them around town, Hazel and Noah unexpectedly find themselves falling for each other. Is it possible that a summer fling could turn into some more, or was it simply the adventure that brought them together?

The Cinnamon Bun Book Store is a cozy romantic mystery for fans of Gilmore Girls with a HEA guaranteed!


  • opposites attract
  • small town
  • forced proximity