About Us

Maggie Mae's Bookshop aims to be your destination for books in Gresham, OR. We have a wonderfully curated selection of books from board books to grown up books, gift items for all ages, and are able to order books in for you! When you walk into Maggie Mae's you will be greeted with a warm smile and instantly feel at home. 


Maggie Mae's Kids Bookshop started off as a kids mobile bookshop three years ago in Portland, OR. Owner, Sho Roberts, had an obsession for beautifully illustrated picture books and one spoiled English Bulldog. While working in a bookstore she noticed that her own private bookshelves began to be taken over by kids picture books. She couldn't resist the beautiful illustrations, fun stories, and joy that each book held. She also noticed that it was hard to find kids books with quality illustrations at an affordable price. Thus, the idea of a kids mobile bookshop that sells gently used and new kids books was born. With her husband, Dave, they hit the streets in July of 2014 .Their mission and goal was to make kids books affordable and accessible to the Portland community.
After 3 summers of traveling around the Portland area and receiving positive feedback from their community they finally decided to have an answer to the question they were asked most frequently, " Where are you located?" The Roberts' are excited to be able to offer new and gently used kids books (grown up books too) year round to the Gresham community. They offer a wide range of multicultural books and foreign language books in hopes that every child can find themselves represented in literature. Community is a big part of Maggie Mae's Kids Bookshop and this is represented by the wide range of gift items and books available in the store that are made by local Pacific Northwest artists.
So, where does the spoiled English Bulldog fit in? The namesake of the business comes from their first adopted English Bulldog, Maggie. The Roberts family adopted her from a local rescue group at the age of six. After their first interaction with Maggie, she stole their hearts. Maggie lived to be 11 years old and showed others pure love, how to be patient, and that all that was needed for a good day was sitting down with a book and a good friend who drools and snores. It just made sense to name a business that is full of heart and love after the her.