The Games Gods Play by Owen (Releases 9/3/24)

The Games Gods Play by Owen (Releases 9/3/24)

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The gods love to play with us mere mortals. And every hundred years, we let themā€¦

I have never been favored by the gods. Far from it, thanks to Zeus.

Living as a cursed office clerk for the Order of Thieves, I just keep my head down and hope the capricious beings who rule from Olympus won't notice me. Not an easy feat, given San Francisco is Zeus' patron city, but I make do. I survive. Until the night I tangle with aĀ differentĀ god.

TheĀ worstĀ god. Hades.

For the first time ever, the ruthless, mercurial King of the Underworld has entered the Crucibleā€”the deadly contest the gods hold to determine a new ruler to sit on the throne of Olympus. But instead of fighting their own battles, the gods nameĀ mortalsĀ to compete in their stead.

So why in the Underworld did Hades choose meā€”a sarcastic nobody with a curse on her shouldersā€”as his champion? And why does my heart trip every time he says Iā€™mĀ his?

I donā€™t know if Iā€™m a pawn, bait, or something else entirely to this dangerously tempting god. How can I, when he has more secrets than stars in the sky?

Because Hades is playing by his own rulesā€¦and Death will win at any cost.