Event Room FAQ's

How Early Can I Set Up?

You will be permitted to enter the event room to set up and decorating 30 minutes prior to your scheduled event. Please check in with a staff member upon arrival. 

Can I bring outside food/beverage?

Outside food and drink is permitted if communicated with Maggie Mae’s staff in advance. Please note, we do not have a microwave or the cold storage capacity to store food or ice cream (including ice cream cake!)  Food and drink must be cleaned up after the event in the garbage cans provided.

How Many People Can I Have? What Furniture Is Provided?

Maggie Mae’s will provide tables and chairs for up to 20  people. Requests for facility provisions must be made at least 7  days prior to the event. If changes need to be made, please reach out to our Event Coordinator as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate your needs.

Can I Decorate?

If you purchased an additional decorating package, streamers and table cloths will be provided and set up to meet your request. To avoid injuries, we ask that you do not use ladders to hang decorations. If you need help, please work with a Maggie Mae’s staff member to avoid injury. Maggie Mae’s has a no tolerance glitter and confetti policy. This includes confetti balloons, crafting glitter, and edible glitter for events. If glitter is found on the premises, there will be a $25 cleaning fee. 

Do I need to clean up?:

You will be provided an additional 30 minutes for tear down on the day of your reservation. Hosts are responsible for cleaning up food, decor, and any other materials brought in for your event. Attendees should be instructed to place their trash in the appropriate receptacles and leave nothing on the tables or floor. We will take care of trash removal as well as vacuuming and table wipedown. A $50 cleaning fee will be held upon reservation and will be refunded to you if excess cleaning of carpets and walls are not needed.

Where food/beverages will be served, it is the responsibility of the host of the room reservation to make sure that all leftover food, beverages and/or containers are immediately removed from the space at the conclusion of the event. Attendees should be instructed to place their trash in the appropriate receptacles and leave nothing on the tables or floor.

What if I need to cancellation/reschedule my event?

 If a reservation is made and the event/meeting will not take place at the reserved time, it is the responsibility of the person reserving the room to let us know immediately by calling 503-489-5471.

Cancellations must happen at least two weeks in advance to get your full deposit back. One week’s notice [means] 50% back. No reimbursement will be granted for less than a week’s notice. There will be no refunds for no shows.