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59 Things You Should Know About Your Cat by Davies

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Curious, cute, and seriously quirky, cats are a conundrum wrapped in fur. Do you want to learn more about your feline friends?

Often a confusing mixture of affectionate and aloof, spending much of the day snoozing yet being right there where a can of food is opened, cats are the definition of unknowable―or are they? Some things you may not have known about your cat:

* Cats have a reputation as discerning eaters but they actually have very few taste buds and no sweet tooth at all
* Cats can be either left or right-pawed
* From mimicking your voice in their meows to being the ultimate masters of self-care, cats know exactly how to get what they want

This beautiful and fun cat book presents 59 little-known facts to help you better understand your mysterious feline companion. It's the purrfect gift for the cat lover in your life.