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Dead of Winter by Coates

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USA TODAY BESTSELLER * JULY 2023 LIBRARYREADS SELECTION Eight strangers. One killer. Nowhere left to run. "A fast-paced thriller aimed at readers who enjoy a hunt." ― Kirkus Reviews Christa has always been anxious but, at this moment, life seems oh so hopeful with her hand in Kiernan's as the tour bus climbs a narrow road up the side of the Rockies. Blue skies turn bitterly cold mid-afternoon as a blizzard pushes the group of 8 strangers out of their bus and to take shelter in an abandoned hunting cabin. Deep in the night, their tour guide goes missing…only to be discovered the following morning, his severed head impaled on a large pine tree outside the cabin. Eight drops to seven and it becomes clear that someone in the group is killing for sport. "The plot is squarely in the tradition of locked-room mysteries...Coates is also a horror author, and there's a good dollop of that genre woven through this novel of high suspense. Keep a cat or two on your lap when reading this one." ―First Clue