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Mika and the Gurgler by Loth-Ingaciuk

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" exciting literary triumph. Budding book lovers will want this one in their personal libraries, while the adults charged with reading it will never see their household appliances in the same way." — Shelf Awareness A spinning, spewing, sudsing monster has trapped Mika’s stuffed frog friend! Join Mika on a charming journey of imagination and discovery in Polish award-winning creators Agata Loth-Ignaciuk and Berenika Kolomycka’s Mika and the Gurgler . Meet Mika! Mika is a young explorer who faces familiar-yet-not-fully- known objects and obstacles around her house. Today’s newest challenge? The "gurgler" that spins, spews, whirrs, beeps, and even swallows things whole! But the gurgler isn't as scary as it appears. With the help of her friends, Mika is able to rescue her frog from the malicious machine and learn that not everything is as scary as they may seem. Perfect for the youngest comic readers, Mika and the Gurgler is sweet, simple, and charmingly playful!