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Penguin Huddle by Montgomery

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A merry band of penguins ventures out of the Antarctic and into the adventure of a lifetime in a quirky, rainbow-bright tale of friendship and community building. All day long the penguin colony plays and plays, and when the sun goes down and the night grows cold and dark, they squeeze and squish together (“ penguin huddle! ”) to stay warm and snug. But one morning, after a freezing gale, the penguins find themselves stuck , frozen together like a giant penguin ice pop. When no one in the Antarctic can unstick them ( “penguin muddle!” ), Pipsqueak, the smallest penguin of all, leads his fellows out of their snowy home to a city across the sea in search of help. Whimsical adventures ensue in this global giggle-fest teeming with colorful details—a warm, wintry treat for fans of penguins, playful antics, and celebratory cuddles.