Red Team Blues by Doctorow

Red Team Blues by Doctorow

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New York Times bestseller Cory Doctorow's Red Team Blues is a grabby next-Tuesday thriller about cryptocurrency shenanigans that will awaken you to how the world really works.

Martin Hench is sixty-seven years old, single, and successful in a career stretching back to the beginnings of Silicon Valley. He’s a—contain your excitement—self-employed forensic accountant, a veteran of the long war between people who want to hide their money and people who want to find it. He knows the ins and outs of financial records that are designed to conceal rather than reveal. He’s as comfortable with social media as people a quarter his age, and he’s a fingertip-level expert in the techniques of money laundering and shell-company games practiced by Fortune 500 companies, extremely-divorced billionaires, and international crime lords alike. He also knows all the secret histories of charismatic company founders and Sand Hill Road VCs, because he was there at all of their beginnings. He’s not famous, except to the people who matter. He’s made some pretty powerful people happy in his time, and he’s been paid pretty well. It’s been a good life.

He’s always been on the red team, the attacking side, hunting down grifters, fraudsters, and crooks. In this kind of combat, the defenders, the blue team, have to win 100% of the time, while the red team needs to win only once. But now, Martin’s been roped into a job that’s more dangerous than anything he’s ever done before, and worse, he’s playing on the blue team. It’ll take every ounce of his skill to get out alive.

Sparkling, fast-moving, and endlessly engaging, Red Team Blues is a novel for anyone with a lively curiosity about how today’s world actually works.