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Scaredy Cats by Mack

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When an adorable kitten receives a mysterious beribboned package, he’s pretty sure it’s a cake. But his two nervous friends have other ideas in this hilarious guessing game.. “Hey, bud. What’s in the box?”“I don’t know. I think it’s a cake.”“But what if it’s not a cake?”. Three kittens, faced with a pink polka dotted present have different ideas of what might be in it. One’s pretty sure it’s a cake, but his two skittish friends aren’t so certain. What if it’s a big hungry crocodile waiting to eat them up? Or a cakeand a crocodile? Or a cake, a crocodile, a tiger AND a great white shark? The stakes get higher as the laughs get louderin this hilarious read aloud with raucous illustrations by popular author artist Jeff Mack.