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Solito by Zamora

Solito by Zamora

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A young poet tells the inspiring story of his unforgettable migration from El Salvador to the United States at the age of nine in this “gripping memoir” (NPR) of bravery, hope, and finding family. 

“I read Solito with my heart in my throat and did not burst into tears until the last sentence. What a person, what a writer, what a book. A masterpiece.”—Emma Straub


“A riveting tale of perseverance and the lengths humans will go to help each other in times of struggle.”—Dave Eggers

Trip. My parents started using that word about a year ago—“one day, you’ll take a trip to be with us. Like an adventure.”

Javier’s adventure is an almost 3000-mile journey from El Salvador, through Guatemala and Mexico, and across the U.S. border to reunite with his family. Traveling alone except for a group of strangers and a "coyote" hired to lead him to safety, Javier’s trip is supposed to last two short weeks.

At nine years old, all Javier can imagine is rushing into his parents’ arms, snuggling in bed between them, and living under the same roof again. He cannot foresee the perilous boat trips, relentless desert treks, pointed guns, arrests and deceptions that await him; nor can he know that those two weeks will expand into two life-altering months alongside a group of strangers who will come to encircle him like an unexpected family.

A memoir as propulsive as it is inspiring, Solito not only provides an intimate account of a near-impossible journey, but also the miraculous kindness and love delivered at the most unexpected moments. "I have waited decades for a memoir like Solito," says Sandra Cisneros.