The Broken Elf King by Stone

The Broken Elf King by Stone

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The second book in the addictive Kings of Avalier series by USA Today bestselling author Leia Stone sweeps readers away in a fantasy romance full of forbidden love and deadly magic

In an effort to save her sick aunt, nineteen-year-old Kailani took out a loan she knew she would never be able to repay. Now, the only way she has any chance of paying it back is if she accepts a job as the Elf King’s personal assistant. Rather than fulfilling her dream of studying medicine, she has no choice but to help the king find a wife so his council will fund his war against the bloodthirsty queen who killed his entire family. 

The king is rich, alarmingly handsome, and brilliant, so Kailani assumes she will have no trouble finding him someone to marry. The only problem is that he rejects every potential wife she sends his way. The more time Kailani spends with the king, the more they develop a genuine connection, and the more painful it is to try and set him up with another woman. So when he proposes a fake marriage between the two of them, Kailani is powerless to deny him. She just has to figure out how to be his wife without falling in love with him for real.

Kailani is left battling her feelings for the king while she also learns a shocking truth about her own magic that puts her life in imminent danger. As an explosive war brews, Kailani must figure out how to protect her heart and her life.